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May 29, 2019 06:13:15

What's wrong with the Google Calendar?

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If Google Calendar was a person, I would grab him by the shoulders, shake him and yell "What the hell is wrong with you?"

But I'm getting ahead of myself...

We all have tools we use on a daily basis, like Chrome, Skype, Evernote, whatever. And we are so accustomed to them working in the way they should. After all, they are all created by very smart people in pretty big companies. 

That makes it more even more shocking when something seemingly simple stops working suddenly. 

After working a lot with Microsoft Excel, and solving my Excel problems, and every Excel problem my co-workers ever encountered, I learned a valuable lesson:

In 99.99999% of the cases, it's a user problem, not a software problem. 

Meaning, most of the times, the person sitting in front of the computer is just not doing the right thing, or missing something, or working with a wrong setting, or ... you get the point. 

So, that's why I initially thought that I must be doing something wrong when my Google Calendar started acting up. 

My specific problem is: The birthday calendar keeps hiding from me. I unhide it, all birthdays show. I close Google Calendar. I open it again. The birthdays are hidden ... again. This drives me nuts. And I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

(I've even missed a friends birthday because it wasn't in my calendar anymore ... damn.)

I've tried to google the problem but didn't really get an answer. I also don't want to spend hours of my valuable time digging into something like that. 

Is it me? Or is it ... god forbid ... actually a software problem? 

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