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May 11, 2019 13:10:03

What're the differences between things on my desks with others?

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I'm a graduate student owning a tiny desk at my teacher's institution office. There are desks arranged in grid cells assigned to each students year by year until he or she graduates from the school. I joined this institution in my third year of college, so I almost the one that stays the longest time. 

Today is Saturday and there is no one at the office now. Surrounding by desks filled with books, computers, and chairs, one question comes to my mind: what're the differences between things on my decks with others?

#1 Front of my eyes: a painting of Vincent van Gogh's self-portrait by myself drew two years ago in A3 size. The self-portrait in beautiful blue and orange is on my left hand in front of me, Van Gogh's eyes are the same height as my eyes when I am sitting down. Whenever tired or depressed, I'll look straight into his determined green eyes talking to him, "Please tell me more about life and why should I fight for it."

#2 Behind my back: an adjustable 50-cm-wide whiteboard, a little higher than me. When a brainstorm is needed, I simply turn back and start to draw and write on the whiteboard.  Standing in front of it with markers in hands and frowning my eyebrow, it's the common picture of me. 

#3 In the center: a sit-stand desk made by myself. The last but the most important one is the sit-stand desk and I switch between sitting and standing by Pomodoro Timer. That's my style. Actually, there is another new office with more fancy furniture and larger space of my teacher. Many students moved to the new one excluding me. One of the key reasons is that I couldn't use my sit-stand desk there because no one allows standing or changing gestures often at that office in order to keep everyone in uniform.

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