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Apr 08, 2019 22:38:04

What if my PC opens everything automated

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At the beginning of April, one thought occurred into my mind suddenly: what if I schedule to open everything on my computer? For example, my computer would open to-do list at 9:30 AM when I arrive at the office, then open the pdf file and note app at 10 AM, next open twitter at 12:30 am when I finish my launch to check what's going on at the social media. By doing so, my daily plans are going on straightly without any human intervention. The only thing left to do is sitting in front of the computer, responding to the reaction, and closing the windows after the job is done.

Sounds great so I need to print a detailed outline about what should I do every day in the order before instead of clicking to open anything without intention. To complete such a tough challenge, I category my tasks into three kinds according to the time and content :

  1. Fixed daily routine: both time and content are fixed, don't need to refresh during a long period.
  2. Unfixed daily progress: time is fixed, but the content needs to be updated daily to acheive long-term learning goals.
  3. Unfixed temporal additions:  Neither time or content is fixed, should be less to form a stable habit.

Today is the first day I try to make such a productive experiment,  only succeed to figure out the first kind of tasks. This week's goal is to make the system start running. 



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