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Jun 13, 2019 23:26:08

What I came to realize recently -- pt 2

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I began emulating the exteriors of people I identified with. Maybe you can identify with this. I kept telling myself I needed to be a certain way. Whether that was more productive or more X Y or Z. 

Naval Ravikant talks about how he needs ~ 5 hours a day to himself, just to be himself. He's one of the first work/productivity/fulfillment thought leaders who openly voice that five hours of self-time is feasible. 

I've been spending my past three weeks at my parents house. Driving around listening to Born to Die, and just thinking a lot. I feel the most like myself when I'm like this. Naval's already rich as hell so he can do whatever the hell he wants, and so he can afford himself five hours daily to himself. I don't know if I'd want five hours, but right now, I think 3 hours in the afternoon is good.

So back to Pharrell talking about how some are visual learners. Some are audible learners. Some learn through stories. And very few listen in the rote-memorization and verbal instructional way that our educational system mostly deploys. I got through the system fine, I was never on the margins, so I never questioned what life could be when I embraced my true way of learning.

I didn't even know what my way of learning was. And because of Naval's words, I have finally realized it. He didn't say it in these exact words, but his words allowed me this realization. 

I learn through pondering. 

Thus I don't spend my afternoons now on 'work'. I spend them on pondering. 

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