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Aug 08, 2019 13:57:11

What do you want?

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Julia Saxena

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What do you want in life? 

That's an important question to ask yourself. And we probably don't ask it often enough. 

The answer to this questions should technically guide pretty much every decision we make. 

Everything we do should bring us closer to our big dream, our big goal, in some way. 

But if we don't know what that THING is that we want ... we can't get closer to it. And every move is leading us in a random direction. 

The tricky part is ... sometimes we think we know what we want. And we even reach it, but it turns out to be not as great as we thought it would. 

Imagine your dream is to be strategy consultant earning 250k per year. Great! Earning a lot of money sounds good. But what you might not have considered is the day-to-day life that comes with that. The 18-hour workdays, the stress, no time for family and friends. 

So, maybe, when we're asking ourself what we want, what our big dream is ...

We have to really think about the day-to-day life that we want to lead in the future. What do you want most of your days to look like? 

Because what we see of others who have achieved what we're aiming for, are only short bursts. The pinnacle of success. The most important days of their year. 

What is hidden, is the daily grind. That's what we need to uncover!

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    @juliasaxena I really like this. Thank you. Would you mind mentoring me?

     avatar | Aug 13, 2019 22:50:16
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      @Dandelion Thanks! I feel flattered that you ask. I don't have the capacity at the moment though.

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Aug 18, 2019 13:22:30
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      @juliasaxena Thank you, regardless.

       avatar | Aug 18, 2019 22:17:52
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