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Jul 24, 2019 00:52:09

What day is it?

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Daniel Miller

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Yesterday I dutifully wrote my 200 words at 10pm Pacific time, but my account timezone is Central time, so it didn't register as the correct day and my very short streak was broken. Again. C'est la vie.

Read and greatly inspired by Another Summer With More Microfiction From Dallas Authors.

This new editor on 200wad is shite. There, I said it.

Anyway, I was inspired to write "microfiction" by the above linked-to collection. I was also inspired to put more of my local surroundings into my work.

So, with 100 words left, let's give it a try.


"It's L.A.," the Teenager said for the 100th time. He's been here before, on his own, to visit his dad, when his dad lived here. This makes him an expert on this area of the world. It did take a lot of explanation to convince him that this was still Los Angeles, despite not being the same part of Los Angeles he had previously visited; that Los Angeles, like our own Dallas, was a large metroplex comprised of many smaller neighborhoods. 

"That's L.A...Only in L.A...L.A. is better at...L.A. has..." it was a reliable rhythm of the trip. And when we got home, it turned out he was right. From the rear-view window of our oddly retro taxi, the airport disappeared behind us, never to appear again. What was once a shining downtown full of skyscrapers was just a haphazard collection of short stone structures. Agricultural fields stretched as far as you could see from just north of Mockingbird. We no longer had any technology. We were in a new dark ages. Our fiber internet was gone; hell, we didn't have dial-up. Our cars wouldn't start, their computer-controlled ignitions deemed irrelevant. My job didn't exist. I couldn't even publish this account on the Internet. We had only one choice.

"Five tickets to California," I told the woman at the the train station.

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    @danielmiller Yes, I know the new editor looks worse than the previous one, but I assure you it's for the greater good! :) I'm slowly working on it to be better than the previous one with lots of new cool features (inline commenting for example).

    The only downside is we lost the ability to run Grammarly, but it's a necessary evil. The previous technology was too limiting.

    Don't hesitate to send me any feature request you'd enjoy. Today I'm re-releasing single line break support for example.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jul 24, 2019 11:52:28
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      @basilesamel TBH, it's just not a joy to write into 200wad anymore. For all the quirks of the original editor, it was fun to type into, and Grammarly picked it up, so all its corrections could be done in real-time. (Just like in this comment box.) The workflow used to be: Write into 200wad, publish, view post. Now my workflow is: Write into Sublime Text, copy-paste into Grammarly, copy-paste again into the 200wad editor, delete the extra carriage returns it creates, publish, click through that bogus interstitial page post-publication, view post. More than 2x the steps.

      Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | Jul 28, 2019 23:48:00
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      @danielmiller Try writing directly in 200WaD without early-editing, then paste in Grammarly? You should be able to do fine writing 200 words without Grammarly behind your back, it's part of improving your writings.

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jul 29, 2019 08:29:58
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