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Jun 12, 2019 23:43:22

What Are You Willing To Live With?

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Keenen Charles

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I think most of us would like to believe if we have to decide between doing what's right and saving ourselves we'd choose the former. The reality of these decisions is rarely so easy. Who can really blame someone for hiding when they see someone waving a gun at another? You'd like to do the right thing but self-protection isn't wrong either.

I watched Roger Stone's Edward Snowden movie and it got me thinking about this. At 29 he risked his life and gave up his home for his beliefs. He could've easily continued on his successful career and put his opinions aside. He could've quit his job and pretend it was all a bad dream. Instead, he chose the toughest path because of his own convictions.

It makes me wonder if I would've done the same. I'd like to believe I would but faced with the risks could I go through with it? I'm sure he doesn't regret his decision. even though it's unlikely he'll ever be able to return the US. When looking at the big picture how could he? But in those moments in between when life is dull and the concerns of society as a whole seem distant, does some regret appear?

Doing what's right is never easy. Especially when it can cost you your life. But the decision you do make in those moments probably comes down to not what you're willing to lose, but what you're willing to live with.

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    @keenencharles nice post. 👍

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