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Mar 17, 2019 17:36:12

Welcome Home, Dear Smile :) @Xwenn

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Jan 06, 2019 15:35:23 @Xwenn

 I'm improving day by day, transforming the whines to better myself

I'm writing today, to keep what's on my mind in words, the long lost positivity in me is back.

"Things happened for a reason" they say. I don't get it. Until today. Realizing I'm improving day by day, transforming the whines to better myself. Not many. Believe to have at least 1% within these 2 months. I'm trying to stop smoking, stop taking ice water. Sleep and wake up early. Picking up yoga class. Back to reading.

I'm not there yet. Just keep trying. Which I know, I wouldn't even bother to try in the past.

Thanks to his leaving. I fall, I learn and I grow.

Thanks to his leaving. I'm meeting more people, surprisingly many are inspiring (even from Tinder. Haha)

Thank to his leaving. I realise I haven't love myself for so long. And I will love myself again before anyone else did.

I miss him. But I'll keep this in me until I became the better me.

"If you jump around from friendship to friendship and partner to partner, you will just end up with the same thing, or the same result because you haven't done or learnt anything different, so do something different and better yourself" by Sean Buranahiran. 

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