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Jul 19, 2019 07:02:44

We need an app for this ...

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Julia Saxena

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I reached Amsterdam yesterday, and I'm already thoroughly enjoying my time here. It's great to be back.

There's just one thing that I noticed immediately ... again
And most expats living here will confirm this.
The service in restaurants and bars can be ... well ... pretty terrible.
Meaning orders are forgotten, long wait time before you can even order something, and waiters who are somewhat rude (but maybe they are just being Dutch and other culture would observe it as rude).
I think there's a solution!
What if there was an app that would basically replace almost everything a waiter does?
Let me explain ...
So you've got this app on your phone. You walk into a restaurant and sit down. The app recognizes that you are at this particular restaurant and brings up the menu. You select what you want to eat and drink and submit your order.
The kitchen and bar get notified automatically and someone brings your drinks and food when they're ready. Once you're done eating, you can simply confirm in the app that you're done and you leave. The bill will be charged automatically to your credit card that you've registered in the app.
This eliminates basically any unnecessary wait time and interaction with waiters. Or long queuing at bars and trying to shout orders over loud music.
Does this exist yet? If so, I haven't seen it.
I've only been to restaurants which have iPads instead of menus at every table and you can use those to order. But why not let people use their own smartphone?
Is anybody willing to take on this project? :)

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    @juliasaxena - Starbucks app has not replaced the cashiers nor baristas, but definitely causes them to work harder as they're handling more people because of the in-app ordering. It's a real thing. I'd expect sucky restaurant help to go the way of "cash", "cash registers", and VHS tapes. I.e. being replaced by more enjoyable digital options.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 19, 2019 05:34:31
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      @juliasaxena @brianball

      I want +1 more Brian Ball analyses of technologies in the service industry space.

      Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Jul 19, 2019 14:48:48
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    @juliasaxena They have it in the UK at Weatherspoons pubs where you can order everything from the app, including drinks and have them delivered to your table.

    Twizzle avatar Twizzle | Jul 19, 2019 12:39:11
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