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Jun 16, 2019 06:59:35

We are not nouns, we are verbs!

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We are not nouns, we are verbs. I am not a thing – an actor, a writer – I am a person who does things – I write, I act – and I never know what I am going to do next. I think you can be imprisoned if you think of yourself as a noun. 

- Stephen Fry (English actor, comedian, and writer)

I came across this beautiful quote yesterday and couldn't wait to share it. 

(I found it in an email newsletter from a fellow copywriter who had picked it up from a blog post by Austin Kleon who picked it up from an article in The Guardian which is about an interview with Fry in 2010. Crazy how far those little things travel.)

I absolutely agree with this quote. If you only define yourself with a noun, you'll always be limited in what you can do. I'm a writer, but I also edit, and strategize, and automate, and consult, and so much more. How do you call that? 

We're all free to make up our own labels. You can be a label of one! Because only you can do what you do. 

You can evolve over time. Who knows what you'll do next ...

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    @juliasaxena thanks for sharing this. I agree with you. It's very thought provoking.

    Mike Byrnes avatar Mike Byrnes | Jun 16, 2019 10:10:51
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    @juliasaxena love this! So life-affirming

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jun 16, 2019 21:23:57
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