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Feb 21, 2019 22:45:30

We all

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Daniel Miller

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We all succeed
We all fail
We all live
We all die
We are all embarrassed
We all embarrass others
We all desire
We all are repelled
We all want to be desired
We all need space
We are all happy
We are all depressed
We are all confident
We are all anxious
We are all strong
We are all weak
We are all learning
We all just want to zone out in front of the television instead of reading a book
We are all lucky
We are all cursed
We are all healthy
We are all sick
We are all rich
We are all poor
We are all hungry
We are all ill from eating too much
We all enjoy the warmth of the sun
We all get sunburned. That's not true. We all get hot and sweaty.
We all get cold and shiver.
We all enjoy getting cozy under a blanket or by a fire
We are all ashamed
We are all proud
We are all needy
We all grow tired of the needs of others
We all frustrate others
We are all frustrated by others
We all love
We all hate
We are complex
Get used to it

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    @danielmiller Amen. :)

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Feb 22, 2019 20:31:16
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