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Aug 02, 2019 08:00:04

W:O:A 2018 Part 4 - finale

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Now, that the old story is almost over, let's go over a few performances.


2 Cellos

I thought about buying a ticket for their tour the year before, luckily they were at Wacken. I know they don’t really play metal but they performed some rock classics (ACDC, Guns’n’Roses, …). I was pretty impressed by them. Also, Christoph didn’t think that two guys playing on cellos could bring that much mood into the masses. Well, they did. And everybody sang along Highway to hell, even though they hadn’t a vocalist on stage.


A Band I think I heard the first time one or two weeks before the festival. Great to check them out. Especially interesting is their use of three “voices” on stage. One female and two male, where the female singer in the league of Nightwish (Symphonic Metal FTW!), one male clear and the other the typical growling. Pretty impressive.

Judas Priest

Well, not much to say. Great show and great performance. It was crazy how high Rob Halford can go in his famous screams.


Again a band I would like to see a concert from them alone. We stood a little further back in the crowd but Floor Jansen did a great job. And I think she’s totally a benefit for the band. I mean there is now second Tarja Turunen but Floor is way better than Anette Olzon. At least on the albums. Sadly I can’t compare the live performances of all three.


Some say she’s the best, some hate her. I think I’m on the later. She did a pretty good performance in the church, but am I the only one who thinks all her songs sound the same? Anyway, on the main stage, she managed to get The Sweet up but I don’t know what happened there. Somehow she managed to completely wreck the Ballroom Blitz. I can’t even describe it. This year, The Sweet will be there at their own. We’ll see how it goes.


Last but not least, Ghost. A Swedish band behind Frontman and Mastermind Tobias Forge. I was at a concert from them in 2017 and from there on I fell in love with their music and stage performance. Christoph was a little bit sceptic first but I convinced him and we were at the second row in the crowd. It was a pretty long day if I remember correctly they started playing around 3 am and both of us were thinking we had bleeding feet (as you are always walking around the whole day). But for the concert, all was forgotten and we were thrilled by the experience. The Cardinal did a great job and even everybody knows who the cardinal is, there is still some “magic” around this band.

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