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May 07, 2019 11:14:47

Virtual co-working

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Haider Al-Mosawi

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Yesterday I started an experiment to host a virtual co-working session on a WhatsApp group. 

We didn't see each other and not everybody chimed in. 

But for me, and a few others, we felt a sense of community and the nudge to get things done. I managed to do 5 things I've been putting off for some time.

I've been immersing myself more and more in the experimental mindset, not aiming to get everything perfect from the get-go and improving as I go along. The virtual co-working is one such experiment. I can already think of many ways to improve on it, but it's better to make decisions based on my experience and other people's experiences than juggling assumptions and expectations.

The WhatsApp group is set so that only admins (that's me) can post, until the time of the co-working session. That's when participants can share their goals for the co-working session and we check in on each other every hour or so.

One thing to note about experiments: we sometimes gather data too soon, without accounting for the time needed to form habits and develop familiarity.

It's too soon to tell whether the idea is useful or not, in the long-term. Will it consistently produce good results? Will those who struggled in the first session continue to struggle?

There's not enough data right now to make any conclusions.

And the experiment continues...

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    @haideralmosawi I also like visual co-working which is a way of avoiding procrastination. I hope I could be a freelancer and co-working with others online in the future while traveling around,haha

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | May 08, 2019 00:53:26
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      @5plus6 If your time allows it you can join a community now that will help you reach that goal instead of joining the community once you've made that transition. And good luck! :D

      Haider Al-Mosawi avatar Haider Al-Mosawi | May 08, 2019 08:58:07
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    @haideralmosawi Yeah, the only struggle I had was, I was immersed in my work so much, I didn't remember to comment before the group was locked. That won't happen today. I think it's a good idea . "we felt a sense of community and the nudge to get things done" - That's apt. 3 hours sprint isn't bad.

    While writing this comment I remembered Work in Progress (https://wip.chat/) and Getmakerlog (https://getmakerlog.com) heard of them before?

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | May 07, 2019 10:17:41
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      @seunoyebode Thanks Seun, and I'm loving your accomplishments during these sessions. :D

      I used ProductHunt's Makers page before (that's how I found out about 200wad, actually). I've seen GetMakerLog and only heard about WIP through the GetMakerLog About page. XD

      I'd love to use such a platform more consistently. Do you have a favorite?

      Haider Al-Mosawi avatar Haider Al-Mosawi | May 08, 2019 09:00:46
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      @haideralmosawi WIP is paid, i don't have a subscription. I think Makerlog is cool. I'll be using it more myself very soon.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | May 08, 2019 16:29:03
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      @seunoyebode That's my plan, but I think I lean towards ProductHunt's platform. Thanks for the nudge!

      Haider Al-Mosawi avatar Haider Al-Mosawi | May 08, 2019 23:37:41
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