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May 06, 2019 13:16:51

Valentines Day by @almir

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Feb 11, 2019 09:32:45 @almir

"I was too obsessed with her that I forgot to loving myself"

I was lying on my bed thinking what gift I could give to her. Should I buy something on the store or make something unusual that I can’t buy at any store. The fun part was I am not even sure what she’d think if she’d see that I bought her a romantic gift.

I stopped for a moment while thinking how I could be with her on Valentines?

Well, the first thing is ask her if she’d be available. So I grabbed my phone around 6PM, I typed “Hi” followed by “Would you be my date tomorrow?”. It sounds lame and awkward to be honest, I should’ve at-least asked on what she’d be doing tomorrow. If only there a way to edit message on Facebook 😂

A couple of minutes later I heard a tone that she’d seen my message but she didn’t reply. By 11PM, I heard a beep, it was from her. I typed my password to unlock my phone. I was excited. The message opened and her response was that she’d be with someone tomorrow in other words, no she can’t be with and I’d be by myself.

Later I realized that I was too obsessed with her that I forgot to loving myself, this might be the reason why we split few months ago.


This is my first post with impromptu writing. Thank you for viewing.

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