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Jun 30, 2019 20:37:32

Vacation off, work on

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A vacation longer than one week would generate a severe problem: how to quickly change free vacation mode back into disciplined working mode?  

My personal experience is clean-laundry-pomodoro, step by step.

Cleaning  both the bed and desk is the first prepared step, long leaving requires me to reacquaint with my living and studying environment. I would get benefits from truly organized while planning what to do next tomorrow. 

Next, a big laundry is necasseray since longer vacation would consume most of my clean clothes. I have to make sure all dress are available for the next week while relaxing my mind under flowing water.

The last but most important challenge is after opening the PC on my sit-stand desk. What's more, the first action is to start the Pomodoro Timer beginning my pomodoro-and-sit-stand sessions. Regularly changing my gesture between sitting and standing could save me from the initial low-productive-but-long-focused situation, breaking the chain of sitting all day but doing nothing with an empty mind.

The above are my three tips to turn off my vacation mode in comfort:  fresh environment, fresh dress and back to sit-stand change. From physical to psychological preparation, from old to new situation, from vacation-off to working-on.

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