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Dec 26, 2018 17:43:15

Unable Not to Share

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If I don't feel an unbearable compulsion to share what I'm working on, then I'm not working on the right thing; not working on something striking that adequate balance between novelty and challenge; not working on something that I believe matters.

In my life this is how it's always been. I'm an extravert who likes to share. So if I'm not sharing my work, something's off.

I write this here because there are many developers here, and for a while I've been meaning to blog about my work but have failed. Many successful developers write to share their knowledge and insights. I wanted to follow suit.

But I have yet to write a technical blog post. I've been continuing to claim that I wasn't ready yet. Or that the work wasn't ready because what I was working on wouldn't interest anyone. I kept telling myself this with the caveat that soon everything would all be in place and I'd be ready to begin.

I've begun rethinking this. Maybe it wasn't that the work wasn't ready yet, but that I had chosen to work on the wrong things. If I didn't feel the compulsion to share, maybe I needed to re-strategize on how to approach the work, on what kind of work to do.

When it comes to sharing, of course I must provide value to the audience. But when it comes to deciding on what to work on, I must provide value to myself, the worker, in a way that renders him unable not to share.

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    This is interesting! :)

    I definitely resonate with the whole "sharing your passion" idea.

    I watched a talk two days ago. The speaker was telling how he became a subject-matter expert in finance through blogging. Basically, he was saying that it's all about just sharing stuff that you find you personally interesting. It's like building MVPs: you have to start first before being able to assess the needs of your audience. So I would advise to just write it and not overthink it.

    Best of luck!

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 26, 2018 19:08:04
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