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Jul 09, 2019 20:42:31


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Another day over, I am sitting in my living room again. I just started the new Season of Dark (a Series of Netflix). I watched the first Season ages ago and now it is time to start the Second.

So, I don't have enough minutes to write my 200 words down, so it is time for some speed writing. :)

Maybe I should also try this most dangerous writing app some people have mentioned here. But that will have to wait for the next post.

Anyway, back to Dark. If you like a Mystery Science Fiction Thriller Drama Thingy Series it is probably a Series for you. I am just going to briefly mention the base plot.

It is about a city in Germany and there is something wrong with the time. Enough said for the day. :)

Also, thanks @basilesamel for the new Editor, now Grammarly works also inside the Title, and I don't have to copy it into the writing place to check if I have written it wrong.

Another 30 words to go, 26 to be accurate.

Ah, there is it another thought, I also checked out the GoFuckingDoIt app which I think I found through @basilesamel 's post. It looks interesting, but I think it could be way more with some API integrations, like Fitbit, Makerlog or even 200 words a day.

Anyway, until tomorrow!

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