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May 07, 2019 20:53:35


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Oh no! I don't really have much to talk about today. I did not over stress me, so my workday was pretty relaxed, a meeting in the morning another in the afternoon. Nothing special.

Sadly I didn't have the time to catch up on the articles published here. It sure gets a little bit overwhelming as there are more and more users and all have interesting stories to tell.

Today I worked out at the gym again. Last week I didn't have the time to go to, but I think this week will be alright. I'm debating with myself if I should go to the gym before the theoretical exam for the motorcycle license.

On the one side, I think it would clear my mind right before, on the other side I think it could also exhaust me more than I want to, which might lead to a bad performance.

I don't want to perform bad, as the next exam would only be in two weeks and at that date, I'm planning to do the practical exam. Hopefully, the weather will be well over the next few weeks so I can do my practical lessons as I planned them.

We'll see. Until tomorrow!

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