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Dec 01, 2018 17:39:41

Trying to improve my writing

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As the title suggests, I've joined this site in hopes to improve my writing. I only started caring about my writing because only recently, I realized how bad my writing is, whether it is writing a story or an article on something, my writing isn't on par with my peers. 

I wasn't sure where to start and came across this site, so I am using as a starting point where I could get some feedback if possible on my work. I have started to read some books, but it is said that practicing writing is the one and only crucial part of improving writing. As I write this, I am having trouble finding things to write, which has strengthened my belief that I need practice. 

I look forward to writing here and becoming a regular. Would love to get to know more people around here and possibly have a nice chat. Grammar wise I am okay,at least that's how i feel. I always wondered if one needs to be proficient in grammar in order to write stuff. I don't know if this is an appropriate topic but I didn't see any fixed topic so i wrote my feeling,wish me luck 1

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    @kaizen Welcome! Don't compare yourself to others. They have years of experience writing consistenly and you're just starting out. Focus on your writing :)

    Valentino Urbano avatar Valentino Urbano | Dec 02, 2018 00:08:37
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    @kaizen You're already a step ahead than yesterday by just sitting down, finishing and publishing this article! There's never a wrong time to do the right thing in life, keep it up!

    KP avatar KP | Dec 01, 2018 20:28:10
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    Welcome! I am the guy who built this website so feel free to reach out to me via twitter or email ([email protected]) if you have any question.

    With @valentino we are working on a writing guide to help you with your writing process on 200 Words a Day. But what I can tell you right now is that getting into a writing habit is the first step to improve, which is why I built this website in the first place. Let's keep in touch and good luck ?

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 01, 2018 17:51:20
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