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Apr 23, 2019 07:28:37

Try Trello - you won't regret it

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Have you ever discovered a tool so useful that you wonder why you've not heard of it earlier? And you certainly wish you would have known about it sooner. 

For me, that's Trello

It was a client of mine, who added me to their Trello board. I felt like I looked at the holy grail of project management. 

Since I started using Trello in February, I've successfully implemented the tool for another client of mine. They immediately fell in love with it, too. 

It's just so freakin useful and straightforward. Bye, bye excel project plans. 

My favorite board is the one I visit several times a day: 

To Do - Doing - Done 

A simple kanban system that allows me to organize all the work I do for my clients including deadlines, notes, and documents (Google Drive integration). 

A board that organizes all the marketing activities of my client:

Ideas - Planned - In Progress - Completed - Templates 

The whole team is always up-to-date and can easily collaborate on the different items which all have their own card. They love the transparency and simplicity of the tool. 

Recently, I started a board to organize my learning and studying. I got a ton of resources about copywriting and freelancing, but it's a huge mess. I'll use this board to find things easier when I need them. 

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