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May 25, 2019 18:59:02

Tools, tools, tools

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Julia Saxena

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I love it when people share their favorite tools. Thanks, @chacha! 

There's always something I didn't know about yet.

I feel like a tool junkie. 

When I think that I finally found a great one, another even better one comes along. 

Currently, I'm using Trello and Evernote to capture to-dos and notes for work. 

Now, I see that Notion basically combines those two and does even more stuff. 

I have to try it out! How could I ignore it when it holds so much promising features and benefits for me? 

I realize that this might never end. I could be switching from tool to tool every few months. 

And the best thing is: I can and nobody is going to stop me!

This lets me reminisce about my days working in corporate. And how slow big companies are in adapting to new tools. Can you imagine that I used to work with Lotus Notes as an email client? And when I found a new tool that could benefit the whole team, it would have to go through a crazy IT approval process. By the time this was done, another better tool had already emerged and we'd have to start it all over again. 

I love this freedom as a freelancer to freely choose the tools I work with. 

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