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Jul 17, 2019 06:58:19

Too much entertainment

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Just getting an email alert from my RescueTime services. RescueTime is a web service that collects what you doing online, by installing their app on your desktop, it records down sites that you visit and application that you use. It might sound a bit creepy, but I use it to monitor my own digital performance for a few years.So what's the email I get about? it shows me how I performance last week, and the top one category is "entertainment". It has been "software development" for the past few months and suddenly last week totally changes.

It's all Netflix' fault, recently it starts to show "Bing Bang Theory" and I mention before I m totally into a quick 20 minute shows. It seems like I clock down nearly 14 hours on Netflix last week ( it seem like this week has been 6 hours so far ). 

That's a lot of time that I spend on entertainment, I know I been really slack off for the past 2 weeks, but I didn't know is this bad until I saw my stats on RescueTime.

I almost finish the last episode soon, I guess I really need to take a break with Netflix and putting my work back on track, I didn't build any things this month, I should be really starting to build something and put me back to focus.

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    My RescueTime report shows that my top second is SMPlayer: because I watch downloaded movies every day.

    Besides RescueTime, there is a chrome extension "HabitLab" monitor your online efficiency.
    The basic function is showing "you have spent .. minutes on ... " on each site.

    A reminder like a ghost.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 17, 2019 16:32:19
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