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May 24, 2019 17:22:38

too many recommendations

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all the travel tips, nomad lists, etc. I was thinking about it. 

I mean you are going on a trip abroad. You check all the lists what to do in the city, best sights, best restaurants if you stay longer where is good internet. You get all the info in advance .. and I am asking whyyy? With so many info you don't even have to go there cuz you already know everything. Especially all the nomad lists.  The traveling is getting so boring cuz of that ...   No surprises on the road. I think you even set up your mind for perfect stay .. and if something is not as you planned .. you mad ... and you don't need to be .. cuz that's life and especially that's one part of traveling .. to experience unexpected things. 

I think it's getting a little crazy if I am talking in general about recommendations (coffee shops, restaurants ...) How many times you haven't visited the place just cuz of bad reviews .. review a really personal point of view .. we all different. 

And even if you get some recommendations .. you start evaluating according to the recommendation, not the pure feeling. So if it's good it just must be good in your mind .. if it's bad it's bad (even though if it's good) ... you know what I mean.

My opinion is to try to experience everything by yourself even if it's bad ... just the good old freestyle mode :)  ... not talking about the purposeless pressure if you haven't checked all the things from "must-see" list ... 

What do you think?


Stay with me. Efran.

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