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May 16, 2019 13:00:03

Time management by @ktmcbratney

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Jan 22, 2019 03:24:25 @ktmcbratney

"Motherhood silently handed me the tools"

I’ve become adept at carving in my 30s, unwittingly skilled at whittling time into scrimshaws of tasks both menial and full of meaning. The math of it has beauty, this talent you don’t realize you’re building, at least until you look back at the days and weeks and months and see piles of laundry, emails, laughter, errands heaped left and right in a somewhat orderly fashion.

I never noticed it until becoming a parent. While my inclination for productivity has years of practice, the line of time seemed to stretch into the future for miles. If I needed 3 hours, they were there, within sight, never even close to the horizon. The second another human depended on me for survival, time morphed from an expanse to finite blocks not unlike slabs of marble. Hard, almost cold, but ultimately malleable. Visions of what could be hidden inside, unseen to all but those who needed to cut away.

Motherhood silently handed me the tools. hours of caring for this tiny creature honed my craft. Minutes sculpted into monuments of love. Hours shaved off in curls of soon-to-be forgotten meetings. Quality and quantity in intricate whorls of what only appears to be immutable time. Until you need it to be.

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