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Aug 06, 2019 22:33:33

This story is the hardest

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Daniel Miller

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Taking a break from moving the most recent short fiction forward to complain about the most recent short fiction.

This story started about 18 years ago. I wrote what is now parts one through four circa 2001. I dug them out because I remembered them fitting the theme of this series--Normal People Who Gain Supernatural Powers to Unfortunate Effect. Right away, however, I noticed a continuity error. The narrator was supposedly a child after World War II, and said he was 150 years old, but I was writing like it was the present day. I decided to roll with it. It is being narrated from the future. The story, which is still supposed to be a short story, covers 150 years of American history, 69 years of which has occurred and 81 of which I have to make up.

The part that is actually historical needs to be believably accurate. The part that I'm making up has to be believably feasible. 

If I was a full-time writer I would spend my days reading historical accounts of the 70s, 80s and 90s. But I am not, so I have to settle for some hurried minutes on Wikipedia making sure the car make and model I'm referencing are of the right era.

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