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Feb 16, 2019 22:18:54

Things I am grateful for

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Julia Saxena

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I have a lot to be grateful for. It's time to acknowledge everyone and everything that has played a part in my life. 

- Being born in a free country where I could become anything I wanted

- Loving parents and grandparents who let me go my own way 

- A protected childhood with plenty of play and discovery 

- A healthy body that hasn't restricted me in any way so far 

- Wonderful friends in every part of my life

- The best husband I could wish for who is now my best friend

- The freedom and means to explore the world and get to know new countries and cultures

- Sunsets ... oh I really love watching sunsets 

- Everybody who shares their knowledge openly with the intent to help others and make our world a little better

- Books which have given me company and taught me valuable new things 

- Mentors who believe in me and who pushed me forward 

- The internet - it makes everything possible 

- This website which has become a daily challenge that'll make me grow 

- The feeling of fresh grass under my bare feet in my parents garden 

- That I can stay connected with everyone even though I am thousands of miles away

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    @juliasaxena thats a beautiful list <3

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 17, 2019 16:13:35
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