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Jul 02, 2019 23:55:23

Theo in Berlin

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I said bye to Theo in Berlin. I was headed west, west until I got back to Oslo. My job started in November and it was July at the time, so I had a few months to get back - the long way around. I really do miss him sometimes, my big little brother. 

I don't our parents give him the credit he deserves. He somehow got a startup job in Berlin and moved there straight out of university. It be a lie to say that we didn't come priviledge but it would, I think, be equally disingenuous to say that he actively utilised it. Theo was always moving between flats in Berlin, staying no longer than four months in one place. Those were the kinds of leases his budget could afford. 

He never asked mum or dad for money, not out of stubborn pride but rather out of the willingness to remain independent. There's obviously a lot of performative slumming in Berlin - you know the trust fund kids pretending to be poor but also stuffing a average person's monthly salary worth of cocaine into their assholes. Authenticity is often bought but Theo is as real as the stench rising from the disintegrating bathmat in his bathroom. There was no glory in this, only reality and I was kind of proud of him.

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