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May 19, 2019 18:01:27

The weird thing with alcohol

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Julia Saxena

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I noticed that I didn't have any alcohol in over a month. That lead me to think about the role alcohol plays in our society lately.  

I didn't really miss it. And will continue to make drinking an exception as my gym and health goals are way more important to me right now than having a glass of wine at night. 

I find it peculiar how alcohol is perfectly legal (from a certain age of course) but, for example, cannabis is not (in most countries). How did this happen?

Which one can kill you? Clearly, alcohol. It happens to plenty of people every year. Can't die of a cannabis overdose, at least I've never heard that. 

Which one makes people more dangerous? Again, alcohol. People do all kinds of crazy shit when they're drunk (bar fights, drunk driving ...). Never heard of a person being so high that they started a bar fight. It literally can't happen. 

So how did alcohol become a completely normal acceptable thing? 

And, how did it become even unacceptable in certain situations to not have any?

My parents and parents in law are constantly disappointed when I refuse a drink. 

When did parents go from "don't drink too much" in my teenage years to "you're not drinking enough"?

This is just weird ....

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