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Apr 26, 2019 20:15:14

The Web In Multiple Languages

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Valentino Urbano

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As I've said many times before my wife is Polish and I'm Italian, we live in Italy, but we travel to Poland every once in a while to see her family. Doing that relatively often causes every website to go haywire and stay that way even after we come back to Italy.

On top of that, there is the whole issue geoblocking, but it deserves another article just to discuss it - wait for it tomorrow.

I log to Google and I see ads in Polish (I don't speak Polish), weird... So I ask my wife if she had used my Mac since she uses it very rarely, but nope she did not. A few days later she starts getting ads in Italian on her own laptop. To top it all on our home Desktop ads start appearing in English. I don't get how it is possible.

Now we've gotten used to it - this situation still goes on after 2 years of us living in Italy and basically almost never using Polish. The most hilarious is that is not like the see the IP address and track that because on top of having a dynamic IP (as almost everyone nowadays) I get ads in Polish on my phone where I never use wifi and I've never written a word in Polish on it (well, almost).

Trying to access our accounts is also a mess, at times when I'm on an Italian IP, pages keep redirecting me to the Polish version of the site (I clear cookies religiously) while they redirect my wife to the Italian version - never vice-versa obviously. Seems all an interesting trick from someone working at a CDN to mess with us. I just find the whole thing hilarious.

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