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Jul 20, 2019 16:16:42

the way they...

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The way they laugh... it pierces your heart with tenderness. The way they look at the world... with openness, curiosity, without judgment, irritation, impatience... Everything is an opportunity. Everything is worth time and attention.

The way he needs to tell his story, no matter what, no matter where, no matter how loud it is, or how quiet it is supposed to be... It is THE STORY OF WONDERS, surprises, miracles. Story of discoveries, achievements, joys. Problems, obstacles, unfairness... sadness or disappointment. It comprises the whole universe.
The way she runs, always TOWARDS. The way she keeps trying, endlessly, fearlessly, tenaciously, tirelessly. Again... and again... and again... No failure can stop her. And then... IT happens.
The way they engage: full speed, full mind, full heart. They become seeing, hearing, sensing. All-encompassing experience. It is as if they were evanescing, and yet, their PRESENCE is so intense, that you are almost swallowed by it.
The way they look at you... With sparkles of joy... With this wholehearted anticipation... Because something wonderful is going to happen.
The way you would like to see what they see, to hear how they hear, to be astonished by everything everywhere...
They say you can...

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