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Jul 26, 2019 11:31:46

The Tea [3]

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Tim Subiaco

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I imagined Lina sitting across us. I do that sometimes. She's sitting there, hair long like it was before and a smile creeping on her face. She looks at me and shakes her head like a horse (a graceful, well-groomed wonder of a horse) and laughs at me. I do something stupid like pretend to spill my tea but then I actually do and now my groin is covered in boiling unsweetened tea. She shakes her head again and the laugh follows suit. I hold her hand across the table and intertwine my fingers with hers. I fold her hand neatly into mine and draw it close to me and kiss her knuckles gently. She smiles. 

But she's not here. It's just Penny and I and this fucking yearbook. Our cups are now empty and stained. She says she has a secret and that I can't tell anyone about it swear on my life. Well, sorry Penny, I'm going to write about it now. 

Penny says that it's in her room. I'm intrigued now. I love it when people have a secret that they've been holding like a gem and they kind of want to show it off, teasing the colours through their fingers. 

"Lol" I say. 

It's a fish. It's actually a print of a fish. A navy blue print of a carp hanging on Penny's wall. 

Penny starts with the high pitched whirring sound again. I dare not look at her in case she spontaneously combusts in bubbling awkwardness. 

I know this fish well.

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