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Aug 08, 2019 07:30:33

The Smell of Fall

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I kept thinking, wait wait, it is still early, it still is Full Blown Summer, why I have this sensation that Autumn is sneaking on us already... 

I have been asking myself this question for weeks now, since, over one short night, the hot Summer weather (I mean... Polish Coast Hot, like... 23-25C hot,, well still objectively WONDERFUL and... for us  here subjectively SIMPLY HOT!) stepped aside and let the July rain take over. 

Back then, when it happened, it still WAS Full Blown Summer, well, definitely in the calendar it was. Yet... something changed. Maybe if it changed back over a couple of days, nobody would even notice, but it stayed, it rained, it kept the temperature below 20, it caused thick lazy morning dew, squashed evenings with heavy grey skies. And the promise of Full Blown Summer coming back... started to fade away. 

And then, suddenly, it actually IS almost mid August, The Full Blown Summer is NOT coming back. 

IT IS AUTUMN! It is secretly creeping on us. It took cover of rainy days. Maybe you cannot see it, or pretend that it is not happening, but there is not denying, IT IS THERE, in the air. 

The Smell of Fall

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    @lucjah Ok, this day had to come anyway, right? :) <3 But on the train to Gdynia, it still feels like summer!

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Aug 08, 2019 18:39:14
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