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Aug 25, 2019 11:30:05

The place to start by @andrewvorobiov

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Jan 03, 2019 09:32:56 @andrewvorobiov 

"As I progress to life I feel more then ever related to other people. "

For the past two years the most of my common needs were satisfied by myself after I managed to apply to decent job and get my life going. I love, place, job, hobbie, education and there's still way more things to go, that's good.

But there's one more thing I feel I don't have. It's like a christmas. If you were a child and had it all preparation done for you, you just left to feel joy and happiness all around you, but once you adult everything changes, all the complications are now in your way to overwhelming joy.

As I progress to life I feel more then ever related to other people. I feel like the dreams we dream, possessions we want and goals we pursue are much more alike than I thought. I don't feel special anymore and that even more relates me, as everyone feels the same.

As if a plant in a new flowerpot do not know the boundaries, and maybe that is the way it supposed to be. My achievements do not appear to me as great as they used to.

And I left more to wonder: "what is that I want to myself that can make me feel good ?".

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