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Jan 18, 2019 23:11:45

The perfect life would be boring

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Julia Saxena

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Would you watch a movie in which everything works out perfectly for the main character every single time? No challenges to overcome, just smooth sailing. 

Would you read a book that describes the perfect life of the protagonist? There are never any problems, only solutions. 

Would you play a video game where you solve every level immediately because it's so easy you don't even have to try? 

Of course, you wouldn't! That would be super boring! 

But somehow, we expect our own life to be like that. We don't want any problems. We just want to succeed, always. 

Obviously, this is not how life goes. And we get upset about it. 

Just accept it. Life is a series of problems that arise and need solving. The problems will never stop coming, as much as we hope or pray. 

What we CAN'T do is change this reality. What we CAN do is face every problem with joy. As long as we are solving problems, we are still alive. We grow and get better only through challenges. We need to be tested.

And in a way, it's ok like that. Everything else would be just boring. 

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