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Apr 17, 2019 05:52:45

The perfect holiday

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Julia Saxena

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How does your perfect vacation look like? I find that the answer is vastly different for everyone.

Even my preferences have changed over the course of my life. When I was little, I was extremely lazy on holiday, didnโ€™t like to walk, and overall wanted to do nothing.

This changed completely. In my 20s I was all about super hardcore sightseeing. The more could be seen the better. Walking all day was no problem. I just wanted some nice picture of the most famous sights.

Now, itโ€™s changing again. Iโ€™ve become more relaxed. I feel I can come back to a place and donโ€™t have to cover every single bit of it on the first go. I want some down time in between.

I still canโ€™t go on pure beach holiday though. I remember travelling to Mallorca with a group of friends during college. All weโ€™d do was drink and party all night, and spend the day at the beach. The parties were fun, but I was utterly bored doing nothing at the beach all day.

The perfect holiday for me has a healthy combination of fun, adventure, sightseeing, and relaxation. There needs to be a bit of everything.

There are just so many great places to explore in this world. Iโ€™ve seen 40 countries so far and Iโ€™m not going to stop travelling any time soon. 

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    @juliasaxena Great post! My "perfect holiday" opinion also changed over time. After travelling a lot and living in several places (Argentina, Spain and Iceland) my conclusion is that CONTRAST is what makes travelling remarkable. Travelling on a regular basis is tiring and becomes as boring as staying at the same place all the time (at least that's what I felt after many trips). The real way to connect and truly experience your stay abroad is by living in that place, to settle a bit and feel what reality is like in there. Staying a week (for example) is just a superficial experience that just gives you an ephimeral joy. The problem is that not everybody has the chance live in the places they want to visit.

    Manuel Rodriguez avatar Manuel Rodriguez | Apr 17, 2019 15:28:46
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      @manuelrodriguez Fully agree! I used to think that a tour around the world in a year would be the ultimate travel experience. Then I traveled through the U.S. for 3 weeks and noticed that I couldn't even appreciate what I was seeing at the end of the trip.
      Wow, you lived in Iceland. That's super cool. I haven't been yet, but it's on the shortlist for one of the next trips.

      Julia Saxena avatar Julia Saxena | Apr 18, 2019 05:24:57
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      @juliasaxena Yes! 2 years in Iceland. The best experience in my life. There I learnt how to appreciate solitude, connect with nature and truly enjoy tranquility. What a place!

      Manuel Rodriguez avatar Manuel Rodriguez | Apr 18, 2019 15:33:16
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