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Jun 28, 2019 15:55:18

the MDW app - part 3

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Once upon a time, I try to write something interesting but so far with no success.

Last days I am without inspiration and kinda lazy to write something meaningful and if you don't have anything to write about it's always harder to actually write something. That's why I am gonna use today again this amazing, crazy, dangerous app. You just cannot stop. 

The words must flow out of your hands at a crazy pace. Why write just 200 words if you can write a whole book, right? .. Ok but I am gonna keep the book for tomorrow haha. It would be a crazy challenge hehe but I am sure someone should definitely try it. It creative block would be just forced to stay away. 

I cannot imagine losing everything but actually yesterday I couldn't make the time limit but there is still a nice feature in the end that you can export your words. So you have a save point. 


Okay, today I couldn't make it again cuz someone just started calling me in the middle haha. Don't forget to switch your phone off before the start.


Have a nice weekend. The beers are waiting it's Friday. Hooray


Stay with me. Efran

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