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Jan 30, 2019 17:36:32

The languages in my head

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Julia Saxena

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Two languages are living in my head. English and German. As I haven't lived in Germany for five years, English has become dominant. It's the language I think in most of the time. 

At times, it feels weird speaking German. When I talk to my parents, I sometimes stop, because I just can't think of the right word to say. How can I forget a word that I've used since kindergarten and only remember the English one which I have learned so much later? That's embarrassing. The mind works in funny ways. 

I have German friends who are in the same boat. Sometimes, it's easier for us to keep speaking English even though we are alone. Switching between languages tires out the brain pretty quickly. 

Now, I'm learning another language, Italian. I could assume that the more languages one knows, the harder it gets to find the right words at the right time in the brain. Somehow, this doesn't seem to be true though. There are plenty of people who speak several languages effortlessly. They are even adding more languages to their portfolio more easily. That's impressive. 

I want to master at least a third language in my life. Bis morgen! Until tomorrow! A domani! 

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