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Feb 25, 2019 23:20:10

The Importance of Elbows #9

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Tim Subiaco

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I let her down but could feel the strength in her body - she was essentially an athlete. We kissed for sometime. It feels strange to suddenly be close to someone after such a long time alone. It's like being in one of those sensory deprivation tanks. Just floating in salt water in complete darkness. Without physical stimulation, your brain freaks out and starts hallucinating. We need to touch and be touched. That's probably why prisoners have such elaborate handshakes - you know, the gangster ones. 

I've never kissed a guy before but I just imagine girls are better kissers. They just have to be. It seemed absurd that Cassie was still going for it. I felt like I was in plunged into a whirlpool and just flung around. I was rapidly losing oxygen and was basically holding onto her so that my mind didn't exit my body and reach enlightenment or something.

She finally let go, smiled from ear to ear, turned around and screamed with all her heart to the fireworks that were now in a crescendo all around us. And me, I rocked back on my heels like a punch drunk boxer. I couldn't feel my feet, nor my hands, not anything really - I was just floating off. 

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