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Apr 01, 2019 20:36:04

The habits I failed

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Now I have to admit though some habits have succeeded in being part of life, some are failed in silence. The most critical failures are getting up at 6 AM and solving a daily coding problem at 10 PM, which means the first thing and the last thing I want to do every day are not going on with my expectation. Furthermore, it means that I failed on starting and ending the day. It feels terrible to get such results after a month's experience.

#1 Getting up at 6 AM failed after one week though I was extremely productive during that weekend. And I should own the success to the sleeping class I took two weeks before the 6 AM experiment. After stopping the sleeping class, the short-term effect disappeared gradually. Without a powerful mind, I came back to the usual waking time soon.

#2 Solving daily coding problem failed after two weeks though I was highly excited to solve the puzzle and feel smart when I got it. The problem is I didn't subscribe to get the in-depth solution, without feedback and in time explanation, I did no improvement for just checking others' code. It's hard to continue in such an upset situation.

After writing those words, I feel kind of relieved. Admitting the failure is achieved, but how to fix the problem?  Now I write shorter and shorter words in 200WaD, hope I won't lose this one either.

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