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May 04, 2019 19:07:24

The Gmail hack you might not know about

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Julia Saxena

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The other day, I was creating and testing out an email sequence in MailChimp for one of my clients. 

The problem was that the automation would run only once for a specific email address. Once this address is used it won't receive it again. So how was I supposed to keep testing as I was making changes? I only have one Gmail account! 

Here's the little trick I learned: 

You can create multiple disposable email addresses with Gmail by adding a "+" and random text or numbers after your name. 

Suppose your email address is [email protected] Then you could create:

This allowed me to keep testing with different email addresses and the emails all ended up in my one Gmail inbox. I found this extremely useful and thought anybody could benefit from this. 

You could use one of these disposable email addresses to sign up for stuff online when it's unavoidable. In your Gmail inbox, you can then create a filter (next to the search bar) so that all emails with this "To" address will bypass the inbox and automatically be deleted, or assigned a label, or whatever you want to do with them. 

Here's a Lifehacker article that explains it quite nicely.  

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    @juliasaxena - nice little tip!

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 04, 2019 16:24:41
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