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May 16, 2019 18:51:42

The fourth day I got to know Derek Silver

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Most of my time on the Internet is to collect materials to do the teachers' assignment, but recently, I am trying to break my filter bubbles to gain more knowledge of self-help from Monday. I regard knowing Derek Silver as a milestone of success.

How did Derek Silver appear in my life on the fourth day of filter bubbles breaking? 

The very first is that I found nowlisten.io a week ago, which lets you listen to any UK radio station with one click. It's so convenient that I started to listen to radios. 

This Monday, I thought only the radio station is not enough for me, the first time I open the podcast app to look for podcasts. In the beginning, I don't know what to subscribe, so I looked at the Medium then I knew The Conversations with Tyler. It's so great that listening to podcast became one of my morning routines and my English listening improved quickly.

Meanwhile, I am making a journal for gifts, so doing research on journal models is necessary.  I realized that a great journal reflects someone with a great mind and a positive attitude towards life.  As a result,  I found The 5-minute Journal whose designer is Tim Ferriss. Then I subscribed his podcast, the first to listen is the interview with Derek Silver. Bingo!

What a long chain of discovery!

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