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Apr 29, 2019 12:03:35

The first day of my vacation, thanks god my habits successfully survive

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It's the first day of my one-week vacation. What I have been worried about is that my disciplines would leave me again like before. Now it's kind of proud to say they successfully survive until now, otherwise, I wouldn't sit here and save today's streak.

Two and half a months is long enough to change from head to toe. Though I am in it and hard to notice, my boyfriend who has been three months apart from me met again yesterday and told the differences immediately. As a third-party observer who is familiar with my older version for years, he is capable to make objective judgments. 

"You are more talkative and confident," no longer than 10 minutes after my boyfriend picked me on the airport, he said to me, "obviously, you are enjoying yourself." 

Yeah! I am totally enjoying what I am right now. Up to now, the last two months are the best time of my life about one topic: how to be a better human. I pay myself on all the time-consuming experiments with the cost of the anxiety of unknown future and pressure of potential loss. Anyway, I bet I would win this battle and I do. Good luck.

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    @5plus6 well done to keep up, the bonus for your bf is seemed like getting a new gf haha just joking.

    Knight avatar Knight | Apr 30, 2019 06:36:57
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