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Jan 14, 2019 21:57:14

The Enchantment #11

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The next day I woke up in darkness. Since Tromsø is so far north, we didn't get much sun in the winter. None at all, in fact.

During the 'dark time' we would get just a bit of twilight at midday before everything was plunged into darkness again.

It was beautiful, though, this 'blue hour' as the locals called it. Everything glowed a soft blue light and you really felt that it was all a dream. I loved it.

What I didn't love, though was waking up in cold darkness with just my thoughts for company. That really sucked sometimes. Suddenly my mind is racing at a hundred miles and hour and an anxious dread creeps up.

Don't check your phone.

Don't check your phone.

Don't ch-


No message from Lina. Why would she anyway? What the fuck were you thinking?

I need to get out. I need some fresh air. Most importantly, I need to piss.

I realized I was already wearing woolen leggings, I must've fallen asleep in them. Norwegians love these things and in winter they can wear them for days on end. They probably even fucked in them for all I know. But I must admit, they really helped with the cold.

I pull some trackpants over my leggings, do my thing, throw on a coat and quietly head down the stairs into the stillness of the morning.

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