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Jul 13, 2019 21:44:51

The day before

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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Today I am sitting in my living room again, letting the day come to an end. I worked almost the whole day in the new Apartment.
After that, I bought the groceries for the Wacken Open Air festival at the end of the month.
So no really special day today, but tomorrow will be a great day. My father turns 48 and I am reaching triple #teamstreak. Another milestone to reach 100 days of continuously posting here.
It is crazy how fast time is flying again. For me, it feels like I just registered on this platform yesterday. But yesterday is now 89 days ago.
So how should we celebrate the day before? Well, I just started watching James Bond Casino Royale (with Daniel Craig) and I am going to open a bottle of white wine to drink maybe one or two eights.
Also, I might right through some of the other posts here. I have to catch up on some people I follow.
How are you spending your Saturday nights? Are there some people out partying hard or just lazy like me, sitting on the couch and letting the world run as it runs.
Until tomorrow, where we are going to celebrate my #TripleTeamStreak anniversary?
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