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Dec 28, 2018 13:44:28

The Ballerina. Part I: The Enchantment #6

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Tim Subiaco

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Tony threw his arm around my shoulder and guided me to the side.

"Hey man, real talk now. I understand what you've been through, I've been through the same - except that my ex was crazy, but just forget that part. You loved her and she loved you, she was the woman that taught you how to fuck - I get that."

"That's not really helping Tony"

"No but you see, she gave you a great gift and now it is time for you to move on. You can't take this too seriously, Tim. You're the biggest romantic I know, and that's not healthy."

"But I can't go round just screwing people in a drunken fugue like everyone else. It just isn't me."

"I get that, Tim, I really do. But what I'm saying is that she might have been your soulmate in some other life, but that life ain't this one." He grips me by the neck. "You broke up for a reason, you gotta remember that."

I guess Tony had a point but it still depressed me. How does one even start again after such a deep relationship? I look around and see a guy with a Canadian Goose jacket try to pick up a girl also wearing a Canadian Goose jacket, absolute scenes. At least those two fuckers had something to talk about.

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