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Dec 27, 2018 20:45:47

The Ballerina. Part I: The Enchantment #5

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Part I: The Enchantment #5

"Hey hey heyyyyyyy!" 

Oh Jesus, it was Tony. Standing at the entrance to Lett og Mett with his arms spread wide and jacket flapping like a cape behind him was the one and only Tony. He strides over towards me and Sofie with a smile curling on his lips. There was something about his pale blue eyes and his red hair that flowed backwards with van gogh like movement that unnerved me.

"Tim, you cunt" he says as he slaps me playfully across the face. "Are you still moaning about?"

"Ah, Tony, you know how it is." I mutter rubbing my face. Bloody hell, he slaps hard but it felt kind of good too.

"Ja ja, I get it. You're still cut up about Lina. But dude, she's gone and she isn't coming back. You gotta get out there, you gotta catch the fish!" He's a centimeter away from my face now and his teeth are almost touching mine.

I glance to Sofie for support. She shrugs her shoulders and chuckles under her breath whilst looking down at her kebab.

"Sofie!" shouts Tony as he grabs her by her shoulders. "When's the last time this guy fucked?". As he was asking this he was also shaking Sofie quite violently by the shoulders. She closed her eyes and tensed her body as if she was on a roller coaster ride that she regretted getting on. In the midst of this shaking, the lettuce, meat and sauce was thrown into the air from the end of Sofieโ€™s kebab, raining all around us and covering the drunk student on the floor who, through some weird drunken logic, decided to open his mouth like a seagull to catch as much free kebab as he could. 

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