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May 06, 2019 03:14:00

The art of giving gifts

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While I love the act of giving a gift, I find it daunting to pick out what to give. 

To pick something that the other person will love and cherish is really hard. And it doesn't help that you rarely get honest feedback on your gifts. 

Often, the other person will tell you that they love it ... but actually they don't and just want to be nice.

Like when I gave a baking book to my mother in law. It magically ended up on my own bookshelf again. I took this as a subtle hint that it wasn't the right one for her. 

Everywhere in the family, I see gifts that were never used, never worn, have been forgotten, and left behind. 

What a waste! 

That's why I have a new rule: I avoid giving "things" and instead give "experiences".

Usually, we have all the stuff we want anyway. What we're lacking is more time with our loved ones and fun things happening in our lives. 

Here are some ideas for experiences to give:

  • Dinner at a special restaurant (maybe even Michelin star)
  • Theatre tickets
  • Movie tickets
  • Concert tickets
  • Comedy shows
  • Musicals
  • Weekend getaways 
  • Subscriptions (there are pretty cool ones now)
  • Theme Park visits
  • Adrenalin rushes (skydiving, bungee jumping, you name it ...)
  • Day at the beach/park
  • Workshops (Learn to cook, make coffee like a barista, ...)
  • Tastings (beer, wine, whiskey, ...)

I think those ideas are all so much better than giving something that will just collect dust in a corner of the house. 

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