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Mar 07, 2019 17:22:44

The age of isolation by choice. @timofeymarko

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Jan 06, 2019 16:21:24 @timofeymarko

Isolation blurs the lines between reality and imagination

We're living in the age of destructive human isolation by choice. Isolation blurs the lines between reality and imagination in a world that requires a stable mind to deal with life's many obstacles. Most commonly, isolation starts from a conscious decision to withdraw from humanity. Ironically, human isolation is a product of free society. This system gives power to the people to have nearly complete control over their choices, giving them the right to spend unhealthily long times on pleasing destructive behaviors such as smart-phone use. Technology, specifically social media, creates an artificial human connection that blinds people from seeing the necessity in forming real connections that, unlike the ones in a virtual world, are impactful, long-term, and meaningful. The illusion of fulfilling online connectivity steals from the proper time needed to grow the ability to acquire effective social skills that are necessary for personal and career growth. This severe lack of ability to connect in the real world creates social anxiety, yielding negative creativity in the mind, where irrational fears rule disguised as possible outcomes of being social. The purpose and power of being real life human connection is being lost in the age of isolation by choice.

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