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Jul 19, 2019 13:38:33

The 5 AM Club

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David Neuman

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My girlfriend recently borrowed Robin Sharma's The 5 AM Club from her brother. We haven't spoken much about it yet, as she hasn't finished reading it. But she has asked me to read an excerpt that resonated with her, so it's safe to say she's enjoying it so far.

I'm familiar with the benefits of early mornings. Sometimes I'll get up at 6:15 AM to take my time making breakfast or hit the gym. When you kickstart your day with something productive it sets the tone for the rest of the day. But I've had trouble making a habit of this.

Coincidently, a colleague suggested today that we wake up each morning at 5 AM for the next week. I surprised myself by agreeing to this arrangement without hesitation. James Clear mentioned in a recent podcast episode with Dan Harris that social pressure constitutes a large portion of what motivates us. Maybe next week it won't be as difficult to wake up with this social expectation from my coworker. Also, I'm sure that my girlfriend, who already wakes up earlier more often than me, would be willing to participate in this experiment.

Do any of you make it a habit of waking up early consistently? If so, what benefits have you felt by doing so? What keeps you consistent?

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    @davidneuman - I thought everybody knew that 4:30 was the time. No?

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 19, 2019 16:40:22
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      @brianball 4:30 AM club sounds like it’s more exclusive...

      David Neuman avatar David Neuman | Jul 20, 2019 07:58:19
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    @davidneuman - Hey David. I love experiments and I have been working on getting better at sleep myself. I have been using my Oura ring to accomplish that.. Wrote about it last few day.
    I like this one week challenge.
    Let's extend this experiment across this platform and do this together.

    Give me the details.
    What time?
    And how can we check in with each other?

    I am interested in this social experiment.

    Keni avatar Keni | Jul 19, 2019 15:17:19
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      @keni I have been reading about your Oura ring! That's a great idea.

      It's for this very reason that I think the chat integration feature currently being worked on will have value. I'm more or less off of social media in general, but I do still have Messenger on my phone if you want to check in that way?

      David Neuman avatar David Neuman | Jul 19, 2019 15:22:17
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      @davidneuman - Lets do it.
      email me you # - [email protected]

      Keni avatar Keni | Jul 19, 2019 15:30:38
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    @davidneuman I tried following The Morning Miracle for a while, getting up at 5am to exercise, read, meditate and get something done before everyone else wakes up. I found that it was not sustainable as I was not altering my bedtime routine to match. In the end, I was trying to read and just ended up falling asleep again.
    I think it can be useful, as long as you have a plan. Too many times I have got up early to work on my business, I have sat wondering what I should be doing. And then I end up doing nothing. Having a specific plan for what you will do is important.

    Twizzle avatar Twizzle | Jul 19, 2019 19:28:47
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      @twizzle That makes a lot of sense! I think you're right in that if you can't get to bed on time, it's better than you focus on getting enough sleep. I have a plan on things I want to accomplish next week in the morning...we'll see how it goes!

      David Neuman avatar David Neuman | Jul 19, 2019 14:31:49
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      @davidneuman @twizzle Excellent observation! The day doesn't start when you wake up in the morning. The day starts when you go to bed at night. If you are planning to wake up earlier and establish a morning routine, you have to absolutely dial-in your nighttime routine or it will feel like swimming upstream.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 19, 2019 17:07:53
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      @davidneuman @twizzle @brandonwilson - just that phrase: β€œthe day starts when you go to bed at night”, changes everything.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 20, 2019 07:21:06
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      @davidneuman -- I've already shared some of the wisdom in this post. Curious what you're working on David. Shoot me an email: [email protected]

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 24, 2019 08:31:49
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      @brianball Cool, Brian! Will do later today.

      David Neuman avatar David Neuman | Jul 24, 2019 11:33:21
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