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Feb 18, 2019 23:40:44

Tetris Timmy

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Daniel Miller

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I asked my better half what I should write about today. She said:

natural disaster, Tetris, an anonymous letter, delay in transportation, something breaks, dog, something they can't remember, a smell, something that is supposed to be there but isn't, witness to an injustice...

I asked, "All at once?"

She shrugged and smiled wryly. 

So here goes...


Timmy was on the bus, on the way to the Tetris competition. A note had just been thrown over his shoulder and had landed at his feet. As he reached down to pick it up he noticed on the front of the neatly folded paper: "Timmy". Now he sat, contemplating who was behind him that might have thrown this note, but he didn't look back. He was too cool for that.

Was the person who threw it the writer of the note or just the courier? Was the writer even on this bus? Was it delivered by request or despite an appeal against the idea? Timmy didn't remember any particular noises behind him prior to the note's arrival, but he wasn't paying attention. He had been pretty spaced out, staring out the bus window.

Suddenly there was a loud rumbling sound and the earth on the hill beside the road gave way in a horrifyingly huge chunk. It quickly slid down the hillside onto the road, wet and slippery, like chocolate. By the time it reached the front of the bus, it had thinned considerably, but Timmy couldn't see much else because his face was suddenly smashed into the green plastic of the seat in front of him as the bus driver slammed on the breaks to avoid the mudslide.

After the chaperones had made sure all the kids were ok and confirmed there hadn't been a pile up behind the bus, the bus driver decided to go ahead and turn the bus around. Trouble was, the engine had cut out from the emergency braking and wouldn't start up again. About that time the smell of the mud began to permeate the bus and all the kids growned and complained loudly. The chaperones decided to let the kids out of the bus and have them walk in the opposite direction from the abruptly eroding hillside.

After stepping off the bus and taking a few steps, Timmy realized he'd forgotten the note. He ran back for it, but it was gone.

Just then he saw Johnny, his arch-nemesis, walking with the group away from the bus. Johnny had narrowly beaten Timmy in the regional finals when Timmy errantly placed an "L" tile. Tetris punished small mistakes viciously, and so did Johnny. A gaunt stray dog jogged by the group and Johnny roared at it, scaring it so much it briefly ran sideways to escape the bully's threat. That was when Timmy saw the note in Johnny's right hand.


That was fun! I might have to do that again sometime. 

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